New Free Location-Based Discount Voucher App Launched for the UK Market

Shoppers and Deal Hunters to Save Money with Access to Thousands of Deals and Vouchers

London, United Kingdom, 19 December 2014,, a new free location-based voucher application for iPhone and Android devices, has been launched today for the United Kingdom market. has thousands of discount vouchers available to save consumers money as they shop across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

According to the Centre of Retail Research, approximately 30% of all online Christmas sales in 2014 will take place on a smartphone or tablet device, which is over 300% more than the same time last year. In addition two-thirds of UK shoppers will not make a purchase before researching discounts online.

The app combines shoppers love for discounts with the growing trend of purchasing on their mobile device. The free mobile app geo-locates a shopper’s current location displaying discount vouchers available for all types of goods, services and leading brands in their immediate vicinity. With the option to filter discounts by type of product/service, shoppers can see relevant deals and voucher codes for what they wish to buy.

The app is operated by Voucher Pages, the market leading online and mobile coupon provider in Ireland. Speaking at the launch in London today, Ronan Hickey, CEO and founder said, “Shoppers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland love discounts. Our location-based mobile app makes it easy for consumers to find discounts on the go, at Christmas time and throughout the year, with vouchers listed by how far the store is away from the user. This will ensure that shoppers do not pay any more than they have to for goods and services.”

The Android App is available to download for free from the Google Play store ( and the iPhone version is available from the Apple App store (

Consumers can also visit to browse and shop with available vouchers.

Smartphone Apps is an online and mobile voucher provider giving shoppers access to a choice of discounts for local businesses and national retailers across the United Kingdom.

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Starting University Infographic

Starting third-level education can be daunting and managing expenditure is vital. Students are left with an average of £26,000 debt after university. Further to our article, “Starting University – The Cost Cutting Fresher’s with money-saving tips and starting“, check out starting uni infographic below.

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Starting University – The Cost Cutting Fresher’s Guide

The funding needed when beginning university in the United Kingdom is rising annually. With the latest hike in tuition fees students could be left with nearly £26,000 of debts. There will be a rise of two per cent to the annual tuition fees for students starting in 2014, resulting in average fees of £8,647. This figure is getting closer and closer to the maximum fee of £9,000.

Students can apply for a student finance loan to cover tuition fees. You can also apply for a student maintenance grant to help with costs of living and other expenses like rent. Figures suggest that the full cost of a standard three-year degree course is likely to stand at an average of £25,941 under the new system. Loan repayments will then commence once your income is above £21,000. For more information visit


Many students are going to be living away from home for the first time whether their university is located in London, Manchester or Newcastle. Living in the family house is, of course, the economical option but university halls are perhaps the best place for students starting uni where this is not conceivable. Halls can be quite expensive but then again there are a lot of savings to be made when transport is taken into account. Students can save on bus and train fairs since they will most likely be located within walking distance of lectures. This is probably also where students can make friends the easiest as it will be where the pre-drinking before nights out will take place and where people will regularly meet for social activities.

Privately run halls can be another decent option for student accommodation. These may even be a little cheaper than university halls depending on where you are studying but they are another great place for students to make friends easily. Moving into a private house or apartment with people this can perhaps work out not the most frugal option. Students are susceptible to high rent prices in some cases and not having any of the supervision or boundaries associated with official university accommodation. This can affect students in a number of negative ways including academically in terms of study and eventual GPA, or financially if they do not take care of the house and lose their security deposit. It is important to evaluate the people you are moving in with to make sure there is a good balance within the house and that you will become friends.

Moving into a completely new environment can be difficult for some students, so it is important that you adapt quickly and become comfortable with their surroundings. This can be easier for some people than others, taking into account possible nerves and homesickness. There are a number of things that can be done with general rules of etiquette applied in order to get along well with a new roommate or housemate. It is very simple really. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, i.e. with dignity and respect. Ensure to respect the other person’s personal space, property and possessions. Outlining these ground rules initially can save a lot of trouble further down the line. Try not to have large gatherings of friends or classmates in the accommodation too often as it may interfere with the person’s personal routine. Open communication is usually the way forward. Remember that the person you are living with does not immediately have to become your best mate.

Now we can address fresher’s week and the actual registration process of university. Fresher’s week of university is likely to be one of the highlights of your lifetime, as it combines all the fun of social activities, freedom and meeting new interesting people without any pressure in terms of academic study. It is important, however, to ensure that your student loan has gone through, that you are registered to a college email and that (boring as it may sound) you take the tours of the library and university. These kinds of things may seem like nothing in the first week of uni but there will be a whole lot less stress involved if you get them out of the way early, as opposed to when exams are three weeks away and you are trying to find a book in the completely wrong section of the library. Fresher’s week is also the time when students should join groups, sports and societies, so take a little time off the boozing for this. It is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, make new friends and try new things, as university is about educational as well as life growth. Making friends in your course is crucial, and can also help with study groups, exams and when taking class trips away to make the whole higher education experience a lot more comfortable.

Always keep in mind that the purpose of uni is to further your education however much fun you might be having. Choose classes that appeal to you as a person and to your strengths. Even if your strengths are not clear then they will become apparent one way or the other over the years. Classes which you are not particularly interested in are the ones which will require the most attention and work, so make sure never to skip lectures or tutorials even if it means missing your daily episode of Jeremy Kyle. As you identify your strengths and weaknesses, picking a major will be a lot easier than you think. If you pick a random class, something outside your perspective field it also helps maintain interest in study so if you are a business student you could potentially also take a philosophy module. There are a few things that can be done to minimise stress and effort around exam times. The first of these is having notes prepared throughout the semester that cover the main topics in each subject. The next is to have a study timetable made out and stick to it throughout the semester, so that you do not become overwhelmed during the weeks that matter. If you can have dinners prepared during exam time, this can also be a great time saving technique. Things like lasagne or shepherd’s pie tend to keep very well in the freezer in my experience.

Students are going to have to come to terms with budgeting when going to university for the first time. Picking up second-hand books can be a great money saver but if you cannot then the lecturer or professor will often encourage students to pick up older copies of the course textbook unless they or their colleague are the author which is a very real possibility! If you have to buy new course books, then make sure to laminate them and keep them in good condition, so they can be sold on at the end of the year. If you manage to pick up a copy of the textbook from the library it can usually be photocopied and bound for a lot cheaper than buying the actual book.

Try to keep your diet somewhat healthy as there is, of course, the urge to eat pork pies, kebabs and chips five times a week, which is particularly inviting if people have had a few beers the night before. The best way to remain healthy is to do actual grocery shopping, and look for healthy food and savings. Avail of weekly deals that the supermarkets may have to offer. Savings can be made on shopping with discounts for top brands and retailers with deals or voucher codes for online shopping. The largest selection of promotional code in the United Kingdom can be found on

With Wi-Fi freely available in most student venues and on campus, try not to use your mobile phone credit on data with the likes of Facebook, Whatsapp and Viber. The important thing is to keep your phone safe and secure by making sure you always know where it is, and do not leave it in common areas as they are worth so much these days. Plus a phone call to the family is the best way to cure home sickness!

Students must remember to relax and enjoy themselves throughout university, as it is where a person’s personal growth and independence can be realised. Be aware of the dangers that lie within the walls of university such as drink and drugs. If you are drinking, it is important to drink in moderation. Try to avoid drugs altogether and any peer pressure that may be associated with drug taking; it will be for the best in the long term. Find some information covering this are on the NHS website,,alcoholanddrugs.aspx.

Sexual activity is also going to play a part of uni life (with some more so than others), as it is a time when many young adults come into contact with the opposite or same sex and develop relationships. With such a rise in sexually transmitted diseases throughout the UK, it is important to always protect yourself and practise safe sex. Many do not have any symptoms but can cause serious long-term complications, so be educated on the risks. If you are sexually active, STI testing, advice and health checks are available at a reduced rate or even free in many universities.

Many students will use one of their summers to travel abroad with many opting to go to party destinations like Ibiza or Ayia Napa. The prospect of a drink fuelled summer working somewhere sunny is a very attractive prospect to young Brits. These types of destinations often pose real dangers to students who go over, drink to excess and are not aware of the consequences of their actions abroad. Alcohol is available at very cheap prices and there are very high rates of sexually transmitted diseases which can be a dangerous combination. These experiences usually come highly recommended and you may not get the chance to travel again for a long time, so it is important to save money during the year or work a part-time job if you are planning a similar excursion.

It is important not to pick a career path based solely on preconceptions or ideas about future lifestyle or income. What is a high earning money position today might change future when you finish university, so try to enjoy what you do. Realise your skills and pick a career path based on your personal strengths and interests. A work placement can be a great way to get practical work experience and give you a head start on competition. Although this may involve giving up a summer it can be an invaluable experience and looks great on the CV. This will undoubtedly lead to better career opportunities.

Be aware of what you post on social media. This can carry risks for a future career and cause social problems. This information is readily available to anybody with access to the internet, which is any Joe soap. Do not say or post anything that may result in future embarrassment. Use the positive side to social media. Twitter and Instagram can be used to promote groups or societies that you may have joined in university and can help build your network of friends. Facebook is an invaluable tool to university students nowadays. College project groups can be made and word documents, PowerPoints and much more can be shared. Group members can then contact each other outside of semester times, which is particularly useful coming up to project deadlines. Needless to say this is also useful for social purposes and contacting friends when you have no phone credit.

Hopefully these tips will help you in starting life in third level education and remember to enjoy university. Download our free money saving guide, Spend Time Spending Less, at

Check out the Starting University Money Saving Guide Infographic

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Back to School Time – Top Tips to Keep Costs Down

With the kids going back-to-school this month, we realise that there is a lot of expenditure, which is a strain on any family’s resources. We have some tips to help you save money this school year. Get help with your children’s uniforms, recreational activities and book expenses as well as a whole host of other products.

Every year, the schooling costs seem to get more and more expensive! Use discount codes where possible. Browse for a choice of promotional codes and deals to save money shopping online for everything from clothing, school supplies, food and entertainment.

Shop early for the best price school books but if you did not do this, do not fear. Your kids do not need new school books. Education curriculums use the same books for a number of years whether in the early teens or for the GCSEs. Used books are cheaper. Try to obtain as much second hand material as possible to minimise costs. Whatever books are bought new, laminated to keep in great condition for resale at the end of the year.

Undoubtedly school uniforms are a major headache. Parents must dress their children with full school uniforms, everything from jumpers, trousers, shirts, coats, ties and shoes for boys to cardigans, skirts, blouses and blazers for girls. Save money with second-hand uniform sales to pick up a bargain. Shop around for generic items like grey trousers or skirts. This can be a cost effective way to complete the uniform provided you have managed to pick up a crested jumper. It is unavoidable that uniforms will undergo some wear and tear over the year so hand-me-downs can be a good alternative to brand new uniforms. Ask relatives or neighbours for second hand uniforms that they may have spare. A size bigger than the size needed is usually the best fit. This saves you buying new clothes half way through the year even if it does look a tad silly initially. Label the kids clothing to prevent them getting mixed up or lost and remember to apply the same theories to clothing for gym class.

Buy stationary and art supplies online with voucher codes or buy in bulk to get low prices. These kinds of things will always be used when they are around the house, so do not be afraid to buy in bulk.

Whether eating school lunches or bringing your own food with a packed lunch for school, educate your children to maintain a healthy diet balanced by avoiding foods with high saturated fat content and always eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Plan your shopping with a big shop once a week to make life a whole lot easier. Ensure you have meat for the sandwiches and juices to avoid costly school dinners. A healthy diet will also reduce the chances of your child getting sick throughout the year and increase their capacity to pay attention in class. We cannot legislate for them trying to pull a sickie though!

Travel obviously depends on where you are living relative to the school. Encourage walking or cycling for the healthier option. Organise a car pool with other parents to save on fuel expenses or avail of low price bus or train tickets, if possible. Always remember to provide reflective gear and lights in the winter if the kids are cycling.

Children can easily be highly motivated with a reward program. This will encourage the children to do well in school and always have their homework completed on time. Contrastingly, this can be a way to punish bad behaviour. Rewards are given once the child has reached a certain level of good behaviour. How you measure that is completely up to you once the good behaviour is reinforced.

Extra-curricular activities are crucial for a child’s development, health and social skills. Have the children play a particular sport like football, camogie, cricket, dancing or rugby. Unfortunately there Expenses are inevitable when it comes to sport but they are minor when compared with the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle! Whether they need football boots or jerseys, shop online for clothing and entertainment at discount prices on

Organisation is the key to keeping to a budget. Realise that there are certain expenses like school trips that are inevitable and will of course be costly. Being organised is the best way to prepare for events like this if you are not given an official calendar.

Get 25 top tips with the free money saving guide.


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Deals of the Day


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Voucher Codes and Promotional Codes to Save Money

Two thirds of shoppers in the United Kingdom will not make a purchase before researching discounts online. With ease of access to savings, why would you pay more than you have to? With this in mind, how do you maximise your expenditure and make use of available discounts.


A voucher code is the easiest way to save money when shopping with top retailers and brands. It is a discount code that offers the consumer a saving when shopping online. After selecting what items you wish to buy from a retailer and filling your shopping basket, you simply enter the voucher code at the checkout of the e-commerce website for a discount on your purchase. There is generally a text box with a label saying enter voucher code here. Other labels for this saving method include promotional code, promo code, discount code and coupon code. Different retailers have slightly different processes for redeeming the discount. Some require the voucher code to be input at the start of the check-out process after you have added items to your basket, while others require the code to be input after you enter your personal payment and delivery details. Either way, the process is very user-friendly.
Where do I find voucher codes? Easy! Register or browse discount voucher website to save money shopping online with all your favourite brands and major retailers.
What will I find discounts for? You will find discounts for top brands including Tesco, M&S, GAP, House of Fraser and Ann Summers. Savings are available for fashion retailers, grocery shopping, electronic stores, home ware, furniture, hotels, booking holidays, health foods, gyms, restaurants and takeaways.
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Vouchers for Watches, Clothing, Pizza, Chocolate, Motoring

Know what time it is when driving to get chocolate for ater your pizza and save money on shopping. Find vouchers for savings on watches, clothing, pizza, chocolate and motoring.
Nike Sports Watches

20% off Watches Voucher

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Cohen and Massias

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Motel Rocks

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Papa Johns Pizza

25% off Pizza Delivery Voucher

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The Chocolate Trading Company

12% off Chocolate Voucher

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Halfords Autocentres

£5 off Each Tyre Voucher

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National Tyres & Autocare Centres

50% off MOT Voucher

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Get £100 Discount off Televisions, Mothercare, Zavi, Currys

Save money on shopping with top brands and retailers. Browse for exclusive vouchers on for grocery shopping, clothing, entertaiment, hotels, restaurants, takeaways, motoring and more. Add to your email contact list. Popular vouchers today include:
The Co-operative Electrical Shop

£100 off Televisions Voucher

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70% off sale + £100 Vouchers

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£100 off Currys Voucher

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Baby and Toddler World

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Vouchers – £25 off The Body Shop, £200 off Furniture, 20% off Fragrances

The Body Shop

£25 off The Body Shop Voucher

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20% off Grooming Voucher

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Fragrance Expert Perfumes

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Raw Garden

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Oak World

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Deals for Shopping with Nike, Footasylum, Underwear, Weight Watchers, Max Cleavage, Daxon

Save money on shopping for clothing and on fitness products.
Nike Store

Extra 10% Voucher + 30% Sale

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70% off Footasylum

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Weight Watchers

54% off Weight Watchers

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Under U

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Max Cleavage

£5 off Max Cleavage Voucher

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LA Muscle

12.5% off LA Muscle Voucher

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