Back to School Time – Top Tips to Keep Costs Down

With the kids going back-to-school this month, we realise that there is a lot of expenditure, which is a strain on any family’s resources. We have some tips to help you save money this school year. Get help with your children’s uniforms, recreational activities and book expenses as well as a whole host of other products.

Every year, the schooling costs seem to get more and more expensive! Use discount codes where possible. Browse for a choice of promotional codes and deals to save money shopping online for everything from clothing, school supplies, food and entertainment.

Shop early for the best price school books but if you did not do this, do not fear. Your kids do not need new school books. Education curriculums use the same books for a number of years whether in the early teens or for the GCSEs. Used books are cheaper. Try to obtain as much second hand material as possible to minimise costs. Whatever books are bought new, laminated to keep in great condition for resale at the end of the year.

Undoubtedly school uniforms are a major headache. Parents must dress their children with full school uniforms, everything from jumpers, trousers, shirts, coats, ties and shoes for boys to cardigans, skirts, blouses and blazers for girls. Save money with second-hand uniform sales to pick up a bargain. Shop around for generic items like grey trousers or skirts. This can be a cost effective way to complete the uniform provided you have managed to pick up a crested jumper. It is unavoidable that uniforms will undergo some wear and tear over the year so hand-me-downs can be a good alternative to brand new uniforms. Ask relatives or neighbours for second hand uniforms that they may have spare. A size bigger than the size needed is usually the best fit. This saves you buying new clothes half way through the year even if it does look a tad silly initially. Label the kids clothing to prevent them getting mixed up or lost and remember to apply the same theories to clothing for gym class.

Buy stationary and art supplies online with voucher codes or buy in bulk to get low prices. These kinds of things will always be used when they are around the house, so do not be afraid to buy in bulk.

Whether eating school lunches or bringing your own food with a packed lunch for school, educate your children to maintain a healthy diet balanced by avoiding foods with high saturated fat content and always eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Plan your shopping with a big shop once a week to make life a whole lot easier. Ensure you have meat for the sandwiches and juices to avoid costly school dinners. A healthy diet will also reduce the chances of your child getting sick throughout the year and increase their capacity to pay attention in class. We cannot legislate for them trying to pull a sickie though!

Travel obviously depends on where you are living relative to the school. Encourage walking or cycling for the healthier option. Organise a car pool with other parents to save on fuel expenses or avail of low price bus or train tickets, if possible. Always remember to provide reflective gear and lights in the winter if the kids are cycling.

Children can easily be highly motivated with a reward program. This will encourage the children to do well in school and always have their homework completed on time. Contrastingly, this can be a way to punish bad behaviour. Rewards are given once the child has reached a certain level of good behaviour. How you measure that is completely up to you once the good behaviour is reinforced.

Extra-curricular activities are crucial for a child’s development, health and social skills. Have the children play a particular sport like football, camogie, cricket, dancing or rugby. Unfortunately there Expenses are inevitable when it comes to sport but they are minor when compared with the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle! Whether they need football boots or jerseys, shop online for clothing and entertainment at discount prices on

Organisation is the key to keeping to a budget. Realise that there are certain expenses like school trips that are inevitable and will of course be costly. Being organised is the best way to prepare for events like this if you are not given an official calendar.

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